With Intelligent Assisted Service, Service Support organizations can:

  1. Substantially reduce (from 15% to 30%) the call-handling time for the service desk analyst
  2. Improve the success rate (from 10% to 25%) of first-call resolution, eliminating costly escalation to level 2 or higher
  3. Increase customer satisfaction metrics (by 15% or higher)
  4. Consider alternative lower cost support channels, like Chat

Support Analyst Console -- Click to enlarge

For service desk analysts, the Tific Technician Portal (also referred to as the Support Analyst Console), which integrates with today’s leading IT service desks, delivers incident intelligence by providing detailed information about the end-users environment, including the hardware configuration, operating system version, recent updates, installed applications, recent downloads and more.

Having this information available eliminates discovery questions that often take up a significant portion of call-time (up to 50%), which only increases the frustration level to the end user.

More importantly this “incident intelligence” information allows the support analyst to start problem solving immediately, improving the success rate of first-call resolution thereby eliminating costly escalations.

Enabling more cost effective Support Channels

Moving the support channel from phone to chat offers significant business benefits by improving the efficiency for the service desk analyst by handling multiple incidents in parallel. It is difficult, if not impossible, to move to Chat to resolve problems in a desktop support environment without intelligence about the users system. You can certainly utilize chat for simple “how to” questions, but to diagnose and remediate a problem requires more insight. This is where remote control technologies can be applied, but these tools do not generally lower call handling time at level 1 and are often used once an incident has been escalated.

The use of the Tific Technician Portal enables a lower cost, chat support channel for problem diagnosis and remediation in the same way it lowers call handling time and improves first-call resolution over the phone channel.

Once assisted service is in place for phone support, the MSP can begin to explore chat as a more efficient, lower cost support channel.